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Boost learning by resting between short practice sessions

Boost learning by resting between short practice sessions

Whether your child is learning to play piano or studying for an exam, there's new research saying there's a better way to practice to supercharge the  skill.

A team of scientists published the results of their study on improving learning in the journal "Cell Reports." They found that, compared to the same total amount of practice performed over longer continuous blocks, humans learned a new skill faster when short bursts of practice were interspersed with frequent rest periods. That's because our brains amplify the effects of practice during these resting periods and rapidly consolidate the skill memory. 

So, how much rest is needed between practice sessions? According to the scientists, in the test subjects they found that as little as 10 seconds of rest can lead to a "10-fold improvement in how quickly they can pick up [the skill]."

Although the research is certainly helpful to anyone trying to acquire or master a new skill, the researchers are also hopeful that the findings may translate into therapeutic improvements for those with brain injuries.

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