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6 Natural Ways to Improve Your Memory

6 Natural Ways to Improve Your Memory

Genetics (and neurological conditions like Alzheimer's) aside, it's common for humans to experience some memory loss as we age. But there are some things you can do to help boost your memory and prevent memory loss. Here are some highlights:

1. Meditate.

Why: Our gray matter clines as we age, impacting memory and cognition. But studies have shown that meditation can increase gray matter in the brain.

2. Get good quality (and the right quantity of) sleep.

Why: Sleep deprivation can negatively impact your memory. While you sleep, your brain consolidates and strengthens memory.

3. Drink in moderation.

Why: While a glass of red wine may be good for your brain due to the resveratrol, binge drinking can alter your brain and create memory deficits.

4. Exercise regularly.

Why: Research has shown that regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can decrease your risk factors for cognitive decline.

5. Focus on nutrition.

Why: While excess sugar, carbs and refined foods can all lead to problems that reduce memory function, omega-3 fatty acids and proper levels of vitamin D have been known to help maintain cognitive function.

6. Enroll in personal brain training.

Why: Just as you can train the muscles of your body, you can train the muscles of your brain! At LearningRx, our one-on-one cognitive skills training has helped countless clients significantly increase their memory skills! To learn more, visit