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5 Ways to Prepare Your Teen for the Return to School

5 Ways to Prepare Your Teen for the Return to School

For many teens heading back to school this fall, there will be a mix of relief, excitement and anxiety. Some students haven't attended in-person classes since March 2020. Others have straddled a hybrid of in-person and online learning. Then there are homeschool students who are attending a public, private or charter school for the first time. 

Whatever your student is facing this fall, you can help them prepare now and in the weeks before the big day. Here are some ideas for parents to bring out the most potential in terms of learning, socialization and fun:

1. Encourage them to introduce themselves to new people. This can be incredibly intimidating, especially for shy kids, but there's no shame in practicing introductions or brainstorming on interesting things to talk about. Remind them about funny stories, interesting family trips or hobbies/favorite things that might make for good conversation pieces. 

2. Review the list of school clubs, sports and activities now. Does your son love anime? Or perhaps your daughter is into constellations and space exploration. Take a few minutes to look at possible activities they can join to help them meet like-minded friends.

3. Start them on a gradual sleep schedule. A couple weeks before school starts, begin weaning your student off the uber late nights and noon wake-ups. There will probably be some resistance, but they'll appreciate it when they have to wake up at 6 a.m. the first day of school!

4. Participate in as many summer or orientation programs as you can. If your student can tour the school, meet a handful of teens who will be attending the new school, or play on a summer rec team with other athletes who will be classmates, it may help them alleviate the anxiety of not knowing anyone.

5. Get them ready to learn. Enroll them in a personal brain training program to help boost their cognitive skills before school starts. Strong brain skills (e.g., logic & reasoning, attention, processing speed, memory, and visual and auditory processing) will make make learning easier and faster ... and the adjustment to homework, tests and note-taking second nature!

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