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How does online brain training work?

How does online brain training work?

If you've been considering personal brain training for you or someone you love but don't live near a LearningRx Center, we've got some good news: LearningRx now offers live, 1-on-1 online brain training and tutoring!

Just like our in-person program, our online programs start with a one-hour Brain Skills Assessment to determine which cognitive skills need to be strengthened. Using those results, we'll create a personalized program to target and train any weak skills that cause daily struggles and make learning (and/or work) and life harder than they need to be. We use intense but fun mental exercises that work on the way the brain thinks, learns and performs. For students needing help catching up on school subject matter, we can also integrate elements of tutoring. Clients work with their own personal training throughout the duration of their program.

Online brain training and tutoring has helped people feeling challenged by:

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