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Brain Games vs. Personal Brain Training

Brain Games vs. Personal Brain Training

While ads for digital brain games sometimes claim to help everything from ADHD to dementia, we encourage you to do your own research. Many people download digital games to their phones and computers, in hopes of training their brains. While digital brain games are a great addition to your smartphone library, they will not be able to achieve the same level of change as a one-on-one brain training program. As you consider paying a monthly fee to spend 10-20 minutes per day “training your brain,” remember that without the one-on-one relationship of a personal brain trainer, it is unlikely that you will achieve significant results through digital gaming.

According to a randomized controlled trial, digital games alone are not able to produce the level of change that LearningRx training can create in one-on-one training sessions. You can learn more about the effectiveness of digital training as compared to LearningRx one-on-one training in our “Client Outcomes and Research Results” report. Numerous articles and studies have been released on the efficacy of digital games, and the overwhelming result of that research shows that digital games alone do not produce significant results. To date, digital gaming has not been able to produce the same level of change (such as an average IQ increase of 15 points among 17,998 students) compared to personal, one-on-one brain training that is catered to each individual’s needs.

At LearningRx, we are proud of our results and the success our clients achieve with the help of our cognitive skills training programs. Still, we know it’s important to hear what others in the scientific community have to say about our brain training center. Explore some of the peer-reviewed articles about LearningRx below to find out why so many people are finding success with our services.

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