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How Personal Brain Training Can Help Families This Semester

How Personal Brain Training Can Help Families This Semester

The fall semester of 2020 was challenging for most families, but few were harder hit than those with working parents. With students sometimes left to "fend for themselves" as parents were forced to focus their time and energy on their job, many students struggled to keep up with online school or hybrid learning.

As a new semester gives many families the feeling of a fresh start, now is the perfect time to enroll your student in LearningRx personal brain training. With in-person and virtual one-on-one options, there's hope for your student to strengthen the underlying cognitive skills they need to make learning this semester faster and easier. How does LearningRx personal training help? Here's a quick summary:

1. Cognitive skills are the core skills our brains use to think, learn, read, remember, reason, and pay attention. These skills include auditory and visual processing, memory, attention, logic & reasoning, and processing speed.

2. When these skills are weak, grasping, retaining and using that information is impacted. In fact, most learning struggles are rooted in one or more weak cognitive skills. 

3. LearningRx starts with a cognitive skills assessment to determine which brain skills are weak. Using the results of the assessment, we design a personal brain training program to target and train weak cognitive skills through fun but challenging mental exercises. 

Our programs have helped more than 100,000 soldiers, seniors, adults, teens and children strengthen their brain skills to enhance learning and reading abilities. Curious about our results? 

All LearningRx research results can be found at and our client results are detailed in the Research Results and Client Outcomes book.