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Mary Turns Back the Clock Through Brain Training

Mary Turns Back the Clock Through Brain Training

Although 80% of LearningRx clients are under the age of 18-years-old, there are adults that have benefited from working on their cognitive skills through brain training, and Mary from Fort Collins, Colorado is one of them.  

Mary is a hard-working mom and friend who has owned and operated an insurance agency with her son for over twenty years. She enjoys spending time with people and loves to entertain friends and family in her home. When she is not being a social butterfly or working with customers, she loves to travel and see new places. But five years before she found LearningRx she started to feel disconnected. She wasn’t interested in socializing and stopped traveling altogether. Her friends and family started to notice something was off.  

One day Mike Winchell, the owner, and director of LearningRx Fort Collins, was in her office and she noticed how quick and content Mike was and she said, “I want some of that.”  

LearningRx brain training starts with a cognitive skills assessment. This assessment uncovers the cognitive areas that may need to be strengthened and could be causing some of the learning and performance issues. After the assessment, individuals sit down with a brain training expert to go over the results in a consultation. During this meeting, our experts go over what each result means, answer any questions, and propose a plan. Oftentimes when individuals see the results from the assessment their eyes are opened to what may be the underlying causes of their learning and performance challenges. Some of our experts love consultations because it reveals the “why” behind learning challenges and gives individuals hope for the future.  

Mary decided to jump in on a brain training program and after a couple of months, her friends and family started to notice her change and performance in life improve. Her son immediately saw how well she was carrying out tasks at the insurance agency and one of her friends even said, “It’s like we have the Mary from twenty years ago back with us again.” There were moments when she felt unintelligent because of her age and because the brain trainers seemed to just “get it” until she realized that they were also working on the same skills. It helped her break through mental barriers about her age and when she realized she was just as intelligent as they were.  

Mary is just one of over 100,000 graduates from LearningRx who have experienced the life-changing impact of brain training. Our research teams have done extensive studies on our brain training approaches and we continue to optimize our programs so clients get the maximum amount of benefit possible through their individualized program. We are so happy for Mary and for past clients around the world who have been able to change their lives through brain training. If you or someone you know feels off in their learning or performance in life, reach out to a LearningRx center near you or fill out a contact us form on our site.  

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