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Improving Reading Skills as a Senior

Improving Reading Skills as a Senior

What if you never got over your reading struggles and thought it was something you just had to live with for the rest of your life? At 72-years-old Wayne thought this was his lot in life until he saw a TV segment about LearningRx in Minnesota. The news station covered a story on former NLF player, Ben Utech, on how he was using LearningRx brain training to push past the impacts of past concussions. If a former NFL player can improve his cognitive skills after many sports concussions, then Wayne thought that there might be hope for him at LearningRx. 

Wayne grew up struggling in school and never felt like a confident reader. He always felt like something was off with his learning but was never able to pinpoint why. His brother later told him about an occasion when Wayne was a baby and choked. Wayne’s father grabbed Wayne by the feet and let him hang upside down and tried to shake the food that choked him out of his throat. Discovering this helped him uncover that he did in fact have a history with a brain injury and it may be the reason why learning and performing in life had been so hard for him. Wayne knew that he wanted a second chance at learning and to improve his reading skills.  

LearningRx brain training starts with a cognitive skills assessment. This assessment uncovers the cognitive areas that may need to be strengthened and could be causing some of the learning and performance issues. After the assessment, individuals sit down with a brain training expert to go over the results in a consultation. During this meeting our experts reveal what each result means, answer any questions and propose a plan. Oftentimes when individuals see the results from the assessment their eyes are opened to what may be the underlying causes of their learning and performance challenges. Some of our clients love consultations because it reveals the “why” behind learning challenges and gives them hope for the future.  

After 6 months of brain training three times a week, Wayne says he leaves the center with this sense of euphoria. His trainer, Brock, says, “He can now work more intensely. He can sustain his attention on things for longer periods of time. He is literally changing how his brain hears sounds and words and can read at a level he has never been able to his entire life.” Wayne is excited about all the improvements he has made to grow his cognitive skills that he plans to continue until he is satisfied. Usually, a LearningRx brain training program lasts around six months, so for Wayne to want to continue his training only means that he will continue to see more improvements.  

Wayne is just one of over 100,000 graduates from LearningRx who have experienced the life changing impact of brain training. Our research teams have done extensive studies on our brain training approaches and we continue to optimize our programs so clients get the maximum amount of benefit possible through their individualized program. We are so happy for Wayne and for past clients around the world who have been able to change their lives through brain training. If you or someone you know feels off in their learning or performance in life, reach out to a LearningRx center near you or fill out a contact us form on our site.  

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