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How does adult cognitive skill strengthening work?

How does adult cognitive skill strengthening work?

Many people incorrectly assuming that LearningRx only offers one-on-one brain training to children and teens. But the truth is that we've worked with thousands of adult to help turn today's weaknesses into tomorrow's strengths!

Why do adults come to LearningRx for personal brain training?

Some adults and seniors that come to LearningRx simply want to strengthen their cognitive skills to make learning and performance faster and easier. They may be feeling the pinch as younger co-workers join their team or they may be looking for brain training to help improve their processing speed or memory. 

Others come to us with:

• reading challenges and dyslexia

• math challenges

• autism spectrum disorder

• traumatic brain injury

• speech and language disorders

• attention challenges and ADHD

• memory decline

What are cognitive skills?

Cognitive skills are the tools we use to learn, read, memorize, and perform. Together, they take incoming information and move it into the bank of knowledge that we use every day—especially at work (and school). These skills include attention (sustained, selective, and divided); memory (working and long-term); logic & reasoning; auditory processing; visual processing; and processing speed.

When even one skill is weak, it can affect how we learn, read, memorize and perform. In fact, most learning struggles are caused by one or more weak cognitive skills.

How does the process work?

All our clients begin their visit with a Brain Skills Assessment to tell us which skills are strong and which could use a boost. Using the results from this assessment, we design a personal brain training program. You'll work with your own personal brain trainer for individualized programs that consist of game-like exercises that are both fun and challenging. This program will target and train the cognitive skills that need the most work.

What are the results of LearningRx personal brain training?

We invite you to review our Results Report yourself to understand how we've helped more than 100,000 individuals and families sharpen their cognitive skills to help them think faster, learn easier, and perform better. 

But if you'd like to hear adult clients talk about their LearningRx experience in their own words, visit