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How Callie Overcame Her Reading Challenges

How Callie Overcame Her Reading Challenges

The traditional path for most parents and teachers who want to help a struggling student is to try school interventions and tutoring. While this may help students get a second shot at learning a subject, it oftentimes is just re-teaching the material instead of working on the underlying cause. This was the situation for Callie from LearningRx Indianapolis. Callie was below grade level in reading and was put in reading intervention. The intervention helped some, but Callie’s mom and grandmother were still hoping to get her back on track. Callie then started working with her teacher for afterschool tutoring. Callie’s mom says that there were some moments when it seemed like Callie was getting it, but the next day it was like she had forgotten everything she learned. Callie felt unintelligent and like something was not right with her mind. Her struggle in school began to impact her self-esteem and drag her down. It wasn’t until her LearningRx program that Callie’s family started to notice her confidence and reading ability grow.  

LearningRx brain training starts with a cognitive skills assessment. This assessment uncovers the cognitive areas that may need to be strengthened and could be causing some of the learning and performance issues. After the assessment, individuals sit down with a brain training expert to go over the results in a consultation. During this meeting, our experts go over what each result means, answer any questions, and propose a plan. Oftentimes when individuals see the results from the assessment their eyes are opened to what may be the underlying causes of a person’s learning and performance challenges. Some of our parents love consultations because it reveals the “why” behind learning challenges and gives individuals hope for the future.  

After Callie’s customized LearningRx program, Callie went up three levels in reading and made the honor roll at school. Callie says, “Math got a lot easier. Reading got a lot easier.” Callie’s mom and grandmother both agree that “you hear that’s it’s life-changing, but until you experience it for yourself, you realize how life-changing it really is.” 

Callie is just one of over 100,000 graduates from LearningRx who have experienced the life-changing impact of brain training. Our research teams have done extensive studies on our brain training approaches and we continue to optimize our programs so clients get the maximum amount of benefit possible through their individualized program. We are so happy for Callie and for past clients around the world who have been able to change their lives through brain training. If you or someone you know feels off in their learning or performance in life, reach out to a LearningRx center near you or fill out a contact form on our website.  

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