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Strengthening Brain Skills for the Transition Back to School

Strengthening Brain Skills for the Transition Back to School

Also known as “brain skills,” cognitive skills are the underlying tools that enable kids to focus successfully, think, prioritize, plan, understand, visualize, remember, and solve problems. Those skills include auditory processing, visual processing, short and long-term memory, comprehension, logic, reasoning, and attention skills.

If one of these skills isn't as strong as the others, it can affect the brain's ability to perform efficiently. Just imagine a bright student whose attention skills make it difficult to focus on the teacher's instruction. They might miss taking critical information while taking notes, a homework assignment, or project details. Imagine if every cognitive skill were strong, including their attention skill, they would thrive in school and perform at their highest potential.

By taking an initial Brain Skills Assessment through LearningRx, the student and parent would see a fuller picture of the student's cognitive skills. Then a tailored program would focus on targeting the skills needed to maximize the student's potential. After strengthening their skills, homework, test-taking, and learning, in general, are faster and easier.

Although a return to school can bring up feelings of inadequacy and anxiety, it's important to remember that almost every student is experiencing something similar. Addressing these skill sets can help boost your students' confidence, and better prepare them for the return to school. Focus on support, independence, and the excitement of a fresh start—and understand that their apprehension is entirely normal.