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9-year-old Girl's IQ is Higher Than Einstein

9-year-old Girl's IQ is Higher Than Einstein

In case you missed this story, we thought it was worth sharing!

At a young age, Adhara Pérez Sánchez was bullied in school and her teachers were concerned because she would sleep through class and show little interest in the material. But Adhara's mother knew that her daughter often studied the period table and decided to have her evaluated to determine why such a smart girl wasn't actively engaged in school.

She was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and it was discovered that Adhara had an IQ of 162. (Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein both had an estimated IQ of 160.) The results of the assessments helped Adhara find a better-fitting learning environment that could keep her stimulated. 

After graduating from high school at the age of 8, Adhara began attending university in Mexico, where she is pursuing not one, but TWO engineering degrees! She hopes to become an astronaut—a very likely prospect, as she gave a keynote presentation on black holes at an event organized by the Institute of Art and Culture in Tijuana. 

Adhara was personally invited to study at her "dream school," the University of Arizona, which NASA has recognized for its space exploration program. 

In addition to pursuing her out-of-this-word passions, Adhara uses her public platform to encourage other children on the autism spectrum to start planning for their future. What an inspiration!