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7 Brainy Back-to-School Supplies

7 Brainy Back-to-School Supplies

Most school supply lists are a pretty standard collection of notebooks, pencils, binders, and highlighters. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few upgrades to help your learner blossom this year!

We’ve scoured the web to find some of the most unique and useful items to help your student with organization, time management, and brain-fueling nutrition! Best of all, they’re all under $30 and available for purchase online!

1. Rocketbook Erasable Reusable Wirebound Notebook ($27.98 on Amazon)

After taking notes, simply scan the QR code on the page to upload the notes to your device—then erase the pages to use again!

2. Freshmage Stainless Steel Bento Box ($17.99 on Amazon)

This three-layer stackable bento box is leak-proof, dishwasher-safe, and freezer-safe! You can even microwave the outer plastic container. Great for storing a wide variety of healthy brain-fueling foods!

3. Crayola Take Note! Erasable Highlighters ($5.75 on Amazon)

Oops! Did you accidentally highlight the wrong sentence? Just use the eraser tip on any of the six colored highlighters to correct your mistake!

4. Master Lock Vertical Resettable Word Combo Lock ($7.00 on Amazon)

You’d be surprised how many kids develop anxiety worrying that they’ll forget their lock combination or won’t be able to get it open in time to get what they need before the bell rings. This four-letter word combo lock makes it a trip to the locker a little less stressful!

5. Magnetic Locker Organizer Pieces ($17.99 on Amazon)

Keep your locker organized and your time between classes to a minimum with this three-piece magnetic set.

6. Whiteboard Wall Sticker Roll ($12.95 on Amazon)

This removable and repositionable whiteboard wall sticker won’t damage your wall surface and includes three dry-erase markers and an eraser. You’ll get 8 feet of 17.3-inch roll!

7. Helicopter Alarm Clock ($25.99 on Amazon)

Tweens and teens can be difficult to wake up on school days. But this alarm clock launches a propeller that flies around the room until it’s returned to its base!