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12-year-old Afton Student Named a National Brain Training Contest Finalist

12-year-old Afton Student Named a National Brain Training Contest Finalist

Alex Moore strengthened his brain skills at LearningRx Charlottesville

For Immediate Release – (Charlottesville, VA.)—LearningRx (, the largest personal brain training company in the world, has announced the top 5 finalists in its national brain training contest, and a local student has made the shortlist.

            Each year, LearningRx hosts a competition among its graduates across the United States to decide who experienced the greatest cognitive skills gains after completing personal brain training. This year, 12-year-old Alex Moore from Afton was in the running as a finalist. The winners were announced LearningRx’s national convention on July 21. Although Alex didn’t win, his video submission impressed the judges, who felt that Brody was an incredibly hard-working and determined student-athlete.

            Alex came to LearningRx mainly for attention issues. Early in elementary school, he struggled to learn his ABCs and to read, but was eventually able to master those skills. According to his mom, Alex was always able to mask his difficulties, but she knew he was struggling. He began his program just before their city shut down during COVID-19 and completed 97 of his 108 sessions online. Alex is an elite athlete playing on two travel teams and saw a number of real-life improvements on the field, as well as in the classroom. His trainer, Cathy, says, “Alex reported 40 specific and powerful real-life improvements over the course of his training, including the fact that his teachers referred to his online work as great examples of how to follow their directions. These are extremely meaningful achievements for a student who transitioned in 2020 from 5th grade into 6th grade with its increased, middle-school level expectations and during a pandemic as well.”

            To watch Alex’s video entry, visit

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