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April 23 is National "Take a Chance" Day

April 23 is National "Take a Chance" Day

April 23 is National "Take a Chance' Day and LearningRx would like you to consider taking a chance with one-on-one brain training!

If you've tried tutoring for your student and weren't satisfied with the results, it might be because you were addressing the wrong issue.

Although tutoring and personal brain training are both great solutions, they're not interchangeable. That's because learning has two components:

1. Strong, educational content


2. The cognitive ability to learn and apply that content.

Tutoring delivers or redelivers the material that was presented in the classroom, but one-on-one brain training targets and trains weak cognitive skills to enhance learning abilities.

Not sure which one you need? Start with a one-hour Brain Skills Assessment from LearningR. It can help determine the root of the problems. If the test shows one or more weak cognitive skills, LearningRx can help formulate a plan to target and strengthen those skills. 

To get started, visit to find a LearningRx Brain Training Center near you!