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7 Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-8)

7 Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-8)

Held the first full week of May every year, Teacher Appreciation Week recognizes the contributions that teachers have made to education and society. If you're looking for affordable gift ideas to show your child's teacher(s), LearningRx has some ideas:

1. An adult coloring book and a set of colored pencils. (HINT: There are a bunch of fun versions specific to teachers!)

2. A small gift basket of his/her favorite items. You don't need to spend a lot of money to make an impact with your items. If your student knows his/her teacher loves peach iced tea and dark chocolate, buy a few different varieties and attach a handwritten note of thanks.

3. A handwritten note from your child. What teacher wouldn't love to get a  note from a student to demonstrate how much they respect and value their teacher? (Younger kids can dictate to parents.)

4. Fresh fruit. If you don't know specifics about your teacher, a basket of fresh fruit (especially seasonal pieces!) can make lovely gift. Even if a particular diet doesn't allow for all fruits, it's a gift that can be shared at home or in the teachers' lounge.

5. Organize a Teacher Appreciation potluck. Some schools do a different theme potluck every day of the week for Teacher Appreciation Week. Parents sign up to bring in items for Mexican Food Monday, Salad Bar Tuesday, Sandwich Wednesday, etc.

6. Fresh flowers or a plant. Unless you know of a specific allergy, opt for a bright bouquet in a vase (so he/she doesn't need to scramble to find a container for water) or choose a plant that doesn't require a serious green thumb.

7. Gift cards. If you don't know the teacher's likes and dislikes, this old "standby"  can be the perfect token of appreciation that lets the recipient decide what to purchase.