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November 8 is National Parents as Teachers Day

November 8 is National Parents as Teachers Day

In 2001, the Parents as Teachers National Center in Missouri declared November 8 as National Parents as Teachers Day. The day holds new meaning under a global pandemic, which has left many parents in unfamiliar territory, teaching their children full or part times—sometimes while juggling their own need to work.

For parents who are noticing that their child may be struggling with learning, LearningRx, the world's largest personal brain training company, is offering 1-on-1 virtual brain training programs (in addition to its in-Center programs) to help students struggling with learning, reading and attention. For those choosing in-Center personal brain training, you can take comfort knowing our centers continue to follow CDC and state-mandated health guidelines to ensure the highest safety measures are in place for our clients. For those choosing virtual training, know that you'll still receive the same personalized brain training that you'd be receiving in person.

What exactly IS personal brain training?

The first thing you need to know is that many of the struggles tied to learning, reading, thinking, attention and memory are caused by weak cognitive skills. LearningRx uses fun but intense game-like mental exercises to target and train these weak skills, which makes learning easier no matter the subject. That's because, unlike tutoring, which focuses on academic content, personal brain training focuses on strengthening the foundational skills we need to succeed in school, at work on in life in general.

LearningRx's programs are based on 35 years of ongoing research, testing and development and we've changed the lives of more than 100,000 clients, including seniors, children, teens, soldiers and adults. 

To get started, take our free brain quiz. In just 3 minutes, you'll get a better idea as to why you (or someone you love) is struggling—and which cognitive skills may need some training. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

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