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Steps to Manage ADHD During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Steps to Manage ADHD During the Covid-19 Pandemic

For some children and teens with ADHD, it's difficult to maintain attention and/or control physical energy and movements. The stress of the Covid-19 pandemic and its restriction may pose even greater challenges to people with ADHD, especially considering that social isolation, sleep changes and disruptions in regular routines may exacerbate things. But there are some things parents can do to help:

1. Create and stick to routines. This could include regular times for reading, chores, hobbies and eating.

2. Encourage exercise. Studies have show that kids with ADHD showed improve impulse control and structural changes to the brain when they exercised regularly.

3. Aim to improve sleep quality. This includes regular bed times, taking away technology long before bed, avoiding certain foods or beverages and adding reading routines before bed.

4. Create a calm environment. Play relaxing music in a space dedicated to play or relaxation. Teach your child breathing techniques to calm them or practice yoga, meditation or prayer. Light aromatic candles (if you're available to supervise the flame) or encourage journaling to express thoughts and feelings.