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Good News for Parents: Virtual Therapies, like Brain Training, Just as Effective as In-Person Therapy

Good News for Parents: Virtual Therapies, like Brain Training, Just as Effective as In-Person Therapy
Dr. Amy Moore, educational psychologist and director of the Gibson Institute for Cognitive Research, recently wrote on her “She’s Brainy” blog that virtual therapies, including speech therapy, counseling, and brain training can be administered via telehealth—and that the benefits are the same. Here are three great reasons to consider virtual brain training during mandated stay-at-home orders:
  1. Online brain training works as well as face-to-face therapy

According to Dr. Moore, “Research has shown that virtual therapy is equally as beneficial as in-person therapy. There are thousands (yes, thousands) of studies comparing the efficacy of a variety of teletherapies to their face-to-face counterparts.” This has also been shown in our brain training programs—students who have completed their one-on-one training online with a live brain trainer have achieved the same results as students who complete their programs in a LearningRx Center.

  1. Online brain training makes help more accessible

As the country’s stay-at-home orders extend further into the future and schools across the nation are closed until the fall, having access to therapy online is incredibly helpful. “[We can use] technology give us access to our therapists during times of quarantine or other world emergencies…[t]his is a huge benefit. At a time when we are closing our brick-and-mortar business doors to practice ‘social distancing’ guidance, it’s fantastic that our therapies can continue virtually without interruption,” says Dr. Moore. At LearningRx, we are able to work with our students one-on-one during the day—giving parents time to work with other children on school, or focus on their own work. We are also thrilled that conducting our brain training online will allow us to reach families who don’t live close to a LearningRx center.

  1. Online brain training provides flexibility

With no travel to plan or traffic to avoid, brain training from home offers more flexibility in your schedule. As long as your child (or you!) has access to a quiet space, a computer, and internet, online brain training can be done at any time. Finding an hour each day to focus on brain training, without the hassle of traveling or finding something to occupy your time while you wait for a session to end, is simple. And if your child has a zoom call they just can’t miss? It’s easy to move the session to a later time. As Dr. Moore says, “Teletherapy is available no matter where you are. You can meet with your therapist from home, at your office, in your hotel room, or at your Great Aunt Trudy’s house. Anywhere with internet!”

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