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Former Teacher-Turned-CEO Creates Video Series to Keep Kids’ Brains Active, Put Parents' Minds at Ease

Former Teacher-Turned-CEO Creates Video Series to Keep Kids’ Brains Active, Put Parents' Minds at Ease

Kim Hanson, a former elementary school teacher and mother of four, never anticipated the day when families with school-age children would lack the tools they need to keep their kids’ brains active in the midst of a national stay-at-home lockdown.

“My heart goes out to the 55 million kids whose daily school lessons have shifted from the classroom to the family room—many without enough curriculum to keep their brain’s busy throughout the day. It’s a challenge for parents, who are also working from home, to guide their kids’ learning. They’ve been thrust into at-home schooling and are scrambling to fill the void. I really wanted to do something to help them.”

That’s when Hanson—with assistance from her husband, children, and a few nieces and nephews—decided to create a ‘Train Your Brain Tuesday’ video series, filmed from the Hanson’s kitchen table.

“We want to host free, virtual brain training demonstrations around every kitchen table in America,” Hanson explains. “Kids love the cognitive exercises we do with them because the lessons are challenging, but fun. Parents love the training because it engages their kids with 1- on-1, participatory brain exercises that fill teaching voids that they (the parents) or educators can’t, because of the time-challenged circumstances we’re living in.”

Each 30-minute video is pre-recorded. While Hanson conducts brain training exercises with her niece or nephew, she’s showing kids how to do the same exercises at home. Parent participation is encouraged, but not required. Episodes focus on strengthening one or two brain skills at a time—from attention and reading skills, to math, remembering, processing speed, and more.

Each episode also includes at-home brain-building activities that can be downloaded for free, including the book, “Unlock the Einstein Inside: Applying New Brain Science to Wake Up the Smart in Your Child.” The book was co-authored by Hanson and her father, Dr. Ken Gibson who founded LearningRx Brain Training Centers international franchise that Hanson now runs.

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