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LearningRx Reviews the Cost of the Smart Mom’s Toy Box

LearningRx Reviews the Cost of the Smart Mom’s Toy Box

Brain Training Experts Highlight 20 Award-Winning Toys Under $20

What does it cost to assemble a Smart Mom’s Toy Box? One-on-one brain training company LearningRx ( has the answer. For parents in search of toys that are both fun and educational, the company, which specializes in programs that target and train weak cognitive skills, has put together a list of award-winning and brain boosting toys. Best of all, every one of them is under $20! Here’s a sampling:

  1. Lost Puppies ($15.49)

Work together to find all the lost puppies before nightfall.

Ages: 5-7

Cognitive skills: Logic & reasoning, attention

Awards: Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence

  1. Head Full of Numbers ($11.24)

Set the timer, roll the dice and create as many unique, correct equations as possible with the results.

Ages: 7+

Cognitive skills: mental math fluency, attention, processing speed

Awards: Great American Toy Test

  1. Double Ditto ($19.99)

Read a card out loud then quickly write down two answers you think other players will also write. Compare answers and discover whose minds think alike!

Ages: 10+ (though 8- and 9-year-olds with strong reading and writing skills may also enjoy playing).

Cognitive skills: Processing speed, attention, strategy

Awards: Create Child Magazine’s 2016 Game of the Year Award

Visit for a list of games and the skills they strengthen.