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5 Things That Are Draining Your Energy

5 Things That Are Draining Your Energy
  1. Too much technology.

    Try a technology-free night and see how you feel. Put your phone away for the night so you’re not tempted to check it first thing in the morning. What does the next day feel like after a night with no TV, computer or phone?

  1. Not enough help around the house.

    If you can swing it, pay for a cleaning person to come in once a week just for a couple hours. Or create a chore chart for your family so they stop treating YOU like the maid. Here’s a short, funny video you can show them to get your point across.

  1. Homework struggles.

    If you’re spending too much of your night helping a struggling learner, consider enrolling them in LearningRx personal brain training. Learn about other kids’ experiences with LearningRx.

  1. Too much on your schedule.

    First, practice saying “no.” Second, look for ways to split commitments with other parents (e.g., driving to soccer practice). Finally, color code your family calendar with red being priority (e.g., doctor, dentist), green being fun (e.g., family movie night) and yellow being everything else. Then step back and see which colors dominate.

  1. Not enough sleep.

    Focus on the wind down with a warm bath, sleep-inducing tea and a good book. Keep a notepad next to your bed to write down things that keep your head swirling and commit to letting them go until the next day.