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14-year-old girl goes from learning struggles to straight A’s

14-year-old girl goes from learning struggles to straight A’s

LearningRx Personal Brain Training Reviews New Student Success

14-year-old girl goes from learning struggles to straight A’s

One-on-one brain training company LearningRx is celebrating the incredible success of 14-year-old Maddie, a Twin Cities student who enrolled in her local LearningRx center to address her learning struggles. Maddie said she struggled to focus in school and her parents noticed that it would take her hours to do her homework. Her mother said she could tell that something “wasn’t connecting” in Maddie’s brain, making learning and homework a struggle.

A cognitive assessment at LearningRx showed that Maddie struggled with weak memory and auditory and visual processing skills. She went to personal brain training four days a week and saw huge changes in her ability to focus, remember and learn. Maddie says it’s “really easy to concentrate now” and she gets most of her homework done at school. She is proud to say she gets straight A’s now and her parents love seeing what a confident young woman she is! Her father says LearningRx was a “game-changer.”

“Until you address the root issue and strengthen cognitive skills, like memory and visual processing, kids just continue to struggle and stay in that constant academic catch-up cycle, which is very frustrating,” says Rich Frieder, owner and director of LearningRx Savage, where Maddie went through personal brain training. “Once you gain cognitive skills, the gains are long-lasting.”

LearningRx highlights students’ successes from personal brain training by showcasing them in videos on Videos are searchable by categories, such as improvement (e.g., attention, memory, reading) or age (e.g., kids, teens, adults, seniors).