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LearningRx Has Launched a New Product-Review Website!

LearningRx Has Launched a New Product-Review Website!

LearningRx has launched to showcase the best brain-boosting toys, games, books, apps and blogs. The reviews are provided by several moms from LearningRx's national headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. "One day we were discussing which toys we should include in our annual Smart Mom's Toy Box, based on the cognitive skills they targeted," explains Tanya Mitchell, Vice President of Research & Development for LearningRx and mother of four. "We realized that this was the kind of information other parents would want to know when choosing toys. The website was kind of an organic development, and the idea quickly expanded to include other things, like books, games, apps and even blogs. We've agreed to only do positive reviews, so you know anything on the website is something we like!"

Companies who would like to send their game, toy, book or app for possible review can email for preliminary consideration. Bloggers may also submit their parenting, education or special-needs focused website. Because the focus of LearningRxReviews is primarily on brain-boosting products, preference is given to anything related to learning struggles, special needs, cognitive skills, etc.

Do you have a product you’d like us to review? Leave a comment below!