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Recent Posts in February, 2015

  • Chocolate Improves Memory...In Snails!

    Chocolate Improves Memory...In Snails!
    In the category of “weird news of the day,” it turns out that scientists have discovered a way to study the impact of dark chocolate on memory skills. But not the memory skills of humans, many of whom ...
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  • Hello? Can You Hear Me?

    Hello? Can You Hear Me?
    People who own smartphones often end up using their thumbs-a lot!-swiping through various touchscreens on an ongoing basis throughout the day. All that thumb action can create physical changes in the ...
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  • Liar, Liar

    Liar, Liar
    Not to give anyone an excuse for bad behavior or poor choices, but researchers are saying that "cognitive tiredness" later in the day can play a role in the decision to give in to temptation. A number ...
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