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Beyond the Breakfast Table

Beyond the Breakfast Table

When you read a newspaper article at the breakfast table then think, "What did I just read?" it's annoying. But what if the same was true at work when you read an important document before a big meeting? Or when your boss asked for your opinion of written text on the spot? Surely you don't want to have to read something three times while he looks on!

Now imagine your child (or teen) going through the same thing at school. They read much slower than their classmates, or read quickly but have no idea what they just read. This is a common problem - even among "good" readers — and it's about weak reading comprehension. In fact, 37 percent of fourth graders tested at "below basic" in their reading skills and one out of four eighth graders is functionally illiterate!

So how can a smart kid be a good reader but have poor comprehension? It's simple: the reading skills we're taught at a very young age are more about decoding, that is, putting the sounds together to understand the words. But reading comprehension isn't about learning HOW to read but rather WHAT you've read.

Luckily, there is help. LearningRx has just released a groundbreaking reading comprehension program called ComprehendRx. It targets the seven core skills needed for reading comprehension and students graduate the program reading faster and with stronger tools to grasp, analyze and retain content. Your child will dramatically improve their understanding, retention and application, which will help them in school, college, work-and even reading the newspaper at the breakfast table!

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