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Everyday Tips for Improving Your Brain

Everyday Tips for Improving Your Brain

Did you know that living with stress, eating junk food, and embracing the sedentary life as a couch potato aren't just bad for your mood and body, they're bad for your brain, too? This is the reason professionals who deal with brain health often tout the benefits of exercise, eating well and reducing stress.

Your brain can benefit from other everyday things, as well. Laughter, for example, releases stress and-if you're laughing with a friend-is a great way to connect with those around you. (Social connection is a key indicator of brain health, and experts say that social interaction helps build something called "cognitive reserve.")

Getting plenty of sleep is also an everyday activity that is critical for brain health because it's when you are asleep that your brain solidifies learning and makes recent memories permanent.

Christina Sevilla, center director of the LearningRx Brain Training Centers in Denver and Centennial, Colorado, provides a list of 10 tips for improving the health of your brain. She writes, "Often we think of brain fitness tips as being activities like memory games, brain teasers and logic puzzles. All those things do work our brains, but other aspects of our health also effect the efficiency and strength of our brains."

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