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ESPN Covers Sally Francklyn's Recovery from a TBI

ESPN Covers Sally Francklyn's Recovery from a TBI

“My name is Sally Francklyn and I have a traumatic brain injury.”

In their recent coverage of well-known freeskiier Sally Francklyn, ESPN describes the young woman as a writer, skier, and much-loved personality in the freeskiing industry. Sally, who had recently landed a position as a public relations spokesperson for ski gear icons Nordica and Arc’teryx, was backcountry skiing with friends in March of 2012 when an 800-foot slide into a rock wall shattered her helmet and left her with a traumatic brain injury. Doctors were unsure if she could survive.

Eighteen months after the debilitating accident, Sally writes about her ongoing recovery, crediting rehabilitation caretakers, therapists and trainers—including her LearningRx brain trainers—for the progress she’s made so far.

“We helped improve her memory, her ability to think, her ability to pay attention,” explained LearningRx President Dean Tenpas in an interview with ESPN. Sally worked one-on-one with a LearningRx brain trainer. LearningRx brain training uses intense mental exercise to stimulate the brain to strengthen, rewire and even create neural connections. For many LearningRx clients with TBIs, the results are life changing.

Sally’s goal is to get back on the slopes in 2014.

“I can ride a bike with my dad now,” Sally writes, “and last spring I put my skis on again for the first time and walked around on snow-covered flat ground.”

ESPN’s coverage of the Sally’s ongoing story includes a video as well as a published account of the accident and recovery in her own words. ESPN will also be airing a video series in which Sally interviews other people in the ski community who have suffered hardships and managed to fight through them.

Watch Sally’s video and read about her story here.