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Concussions from School Sports Were Keeping David from Landing His Dream Career

Concussions from School Sports Were Keeping David from Landing His Dream Career

How brain training helped David graph Sometimes David got to the locker room and couldn't remember the football game he'd just played.

In junior high, David had been a straight A student. But after a concussion, he began struggling in school, and additional concussions while playing football in high school only made things worse.

Years later, married and with a baby on the way, David graduated from a police academy. But repeatedly his applications for jobs were rejected because his test scores were too low. After applying to 56 police departments-without a single job offer-David called LearningRx.

He calls what happened next "an awakening" of his brain.

"Shortly after starting brain training, I remembered a dream I'd had the night before," David says. "That hadn't happened since... well, since I was a kid! After that, improvements just kept coming."

One day, driving on a familiar tree-lined street David realized that, in his peripheral vision, he could see houses past the trees. For years, his field of vision had only included the street and the trees. Brain training was even improving his vision!

Things were different at home, too. Now when his wife, Lorelle, asked him to get something from the store, he remembered! But the changes went even deeper. One night David asked his wife, "Do you think brain training has made a difference?" Her answer surprised him.

"I feel closer to you," she said. "We have more intimate conversations now. I feel like you really hear me."

David realized it was true. "After brain training," he says, "I could follow my wife better during conversations, and remember things we talked about. What a difference that made in our relationship!"

After 12 weeks of brain training, David got a call from a department that had rejected his application seven months earlier. They said they had another job opening and asked if David wanted to reapply. That same week, Lorelle gave birth to a baby girl. It seemed the week for new beginnings.

This time, David passed all the exams and landed his dream job.

David had no idea his career was being hindered by those long-ago concussions. "Brain training changed my quality of life in every area of my life," he says today. "Now I really can dream again."

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