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Laughing All the Way, Ha Ha Ha!

Laughing All the Way, Ha Ha Ha!

Whether you're riding in a one-horse sleigh, sledding, caroling, baking cookies or chillin' with family and friends, the holidays brim with opportunities for lots of laughter.

What's all that joviality doing to your brain?

Laughing stimulates a part of your brain called the nucleus accumbens, which then releases the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine. This creates a brain-chemical chain reaction that elevates your mood, makes you feel connected to those around you, reduces stress & pain, and even boosts your immunity!

Here are some other interesting things you may not know about laughter:

  • When you laugh, you use 15 different facial muscles
  • The average grown up laughs approximately 17 times every day
  • We are 30 times more likely to laugh when we're with other people than when we are by ourselves
  • Laughing causes the inner lining of blood vessels to relax and expand, increasing blood flow to your entire body.

Finally, a good belly laugh burns 3.5 calories. Which is a good thing to remember as we're eating all those holiday goodies.