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The Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary online defines dyscalculia as, "impairment of mathematical ability due to an organic condition of the brain".

Talk about definition that leaves you cold! How many kids (and adults for that matter) struggle with math these days? While this ponderous definition isn't the answer by itself, it may actually contain a key for students with chronic math failure.

Low math performance is reaching an epidemic level in the United States. Wall Street Journal contributor, Robert Tomsho sites, "The National Assessment of Educational Progress — often called the “nation’s report card” — found fourth-graders had made no learning gains since the last time the NAEP math test was given, in 2007. Previously, fourth-graders had made scoring gains on every NAEP math test given since 1990." (Emphasis ours- Read Robert Tomsho's article here )

Transformation, not just education, is needed. Low performance and low test scores are one thing. Zero improvement as a whole nation of students is another. The trend is alarming. Is the problem that current math teaching methods simply aren't working? Maybe, but then again maybe not.

The impairment of mathematical ability in the above definition is due to an organic condition in the brain. No math technique will fix a learning problem that stems from an organic mental skill weakness. The problem, in layman's terms, is that there just aren't enough synapses firing away at the math problem. Students struggling with dyscalculia need training that literally has the ability to rewire the brain and stimulate the cognitive functions necessary for successful math performance.

Non-invasive brain training from LearningRx is designed to do exactly that. If you or your child are a part of this national epidemic of math performance decline, call us. We can help.