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June 15th is National Brain Training Day!

June 15th is National Brain Training Day!

June 15th is National Brain Training Day! On June 1st, LearningRx, the country’s leading personal brain training company declared June 15th National Brain Training Day. The day was declared with two purposes in mind. First, to dispel myths around cognitive skills training. Secondly, to raise awareness of the phenomenal gains the right type of brain training can bring.

“LearningRx brain training can dramatically improve learning and reading skills for almost anyone,” says LearningRx Vice President of Research and Development Tanya Mitchell. “Every day we see our brain training bring measurable, dramatic gains that result in faster, more efficient thinking. Our graduates consistently enjoy better reading skills, improved grades and increased confidence and self-esteem.”

National Brain Training Day: Come See What We Do

LearningRx centers nationwide invite the public to watch a brain training session on this year's National Brain Training Day, or come into a center to try some brain training techniques. “Our students love coming to LearningRx because our exercises are game-like and fun and nothing like tutoring or school work,” says Mitchell. “They often say it’s exciting because they can actually feel themselves getting smarter. We invite everyone to come check it out.”

LearningRx founder Dr. Ken Gibson says it’s important for people to realize that not all mental exercise is brain training. He says a recent study showed no improvement in mental fitness when people used online brain activities for ten minutes a day, three times a week over a six-week period, because that routine lacked the intensity to make a difference.

“Brain training is intense, focused and demanding, with exercises that continue to push the brain to do more challenging activities, in shorter times, with more distractions and additional tasks,” says Dr. Gibson. “It’s a lot like physical training — intensity is key. With physical training, a ten-minute stroll three times a week isn’t going to result in measurable improvement in physical fitness. But a focused, increasingly tough, one-hour workout six times a week with a personal trainer will quickly result in vast improvement. The same holds true for brain training, which is why our intense one-on-one personal brain training programs bring such significant results.”

National Brain Training Day: Incredible Gains

Dr. Gibson hopes that the inception of a national brain training day will raise awareness of the incredible gains and brilliant life changes that brain training produces in its students. According to Dr. Gibson, nationwide more than 25,000 students have gone through LearningRx brain training. Graduates typically see average gains of between 20 to 49 percentile points across nine essential cognitive learning areas. To put that in perspective, if a student is functioning 25th from the bottom in a class of 100 students, and averages a 40 percentile gain, that means he would pass 40 other students and be functioning 35th from the top after just a few months of brain training.