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Test your logic and reasoning skills – Here are the answers

Test your logic and reasoning skills – Here are the answers

Last time, we posted a few puzzles to test your logic and reasoning skills.In this post, you can find out how you did! Below are the answers to the three quiz questions, and an explanation of how each answer is achieved.

Logic and Reasoning Skills: Quiz Answers

  1. The first answer is found by visualizing the 5 men standing in a line, and remembering each of their names. Then, moving the last three men up to the front of the line, and keeping track of their order. Do that three times, and here is what you get. First, they are standing in this order: Paul, Ben, Andy, Dave, Tim. Move the last three to the beginning of the line (keeping them in consecutive order) and you have: Andy, Dave, Tim, Paul, Ben. Do it one more time and you have: Tim, Paul, Ben, Andy, Dave. Do it one last time and you wind up with: Ben, Andy, Dave, Tim, Paul. Therefore, Dave is in the middle of the line, and Dave is the correct answer. This puzzle takes not only logic and reasoning skills, but also visualization and reading comprehension skills.
  2. The second puzzle is a little harder. To see the answer, visualize a Venn Diagram with a cross-section that contains Clinks, Clunks and Rattles. Seeing that cross-section will help you to realize that since half of Rattles are Bangs, it would be impossible for all Clinks to be Rattles if none of them were Bangs.
  3. The third problem is the most purely “visual” puzzle. You must be able to visualize a cube, remember the colors of the sides, and keep track of which way the woman is walking after each turn. The answer is, she winds up on a yellow cube-face.

Logic and Reasoning Skills: Integrated Cognitive Skills

The most interesting part of this is that you begin to see that the cognitive skills are very involved with each other! It’s hard to take a logic and reasoning skill test without using reading and comprehension skills, memory skills, and visualization skills. The brain is amazingly integrated, and that is why LearningRx takes the approach it does, training the cognitive skills so that they can work more easily, and integrate more effectively to accomplish complex tasks and problems.