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Recent Posts in 2009

  • "Memory" Christmas-style!

    "Memory" Christmas-style!
    Christmas Memory Game: Brain Booster! The holidays are full of stress, worry, and lots of sugar. All of these can affect your memory, at least temporarily. See if your mind is as sharp as one of ...
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  • What is LearningRx Brain Training?

    What is LearningRx Brain Training?
    Learning Rx is the most effective solution to learning and reading problems caused by cognitive skill weaknesses. And since over 80% of learning problems are caused by cognitive skill weakness, we are ...
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  • Welcome to LearningRx!

    Welcome to LearningRx!
    Welcome to our new LearningRx Brain Training Blog! Here you’ll find information about everything related to brain training: what it is, how it works, and how LearningRx helps propel struggling ...
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