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Learning To Love Reading: A 2021 LearningRx Success Story

Learning To Love Reading: A 2021 LearningRx Success Story

Over the past year, our clients have grown in skill and confidence, and it is wonderful to be a part of that growth. Here is one student’s LearningRx success story.

As we look back on 2021, we are struck by all of the incredible growth we’ve witnessed among the students and adults we worked with throughout the year. Our clients have improved in both skill and confidence in their abilities, and it is wonderful to be a part of that growth.

As an example, we’d like to highlight one student’s LearningRx success story. When he came to LearningRx, Brody Hawkins was in 2nd grade and struggled greatly with reading. Through working with us, he improved so much that he was a runner up for the 2021 LearningRx Student Of the Year!

Here’s his story.

The Goal: Building Skills and Love of Reading

Before working with LearningRx, Brody hated reading. When he tried to read, it didn’t make sense to him. He couldn’t read the words on the page and relied on pictures to try to understand what was written.

Because of this, he avoided reading even simple sentences with his parents and was not eager to improve his abilities.

Brody’s parents are avid readers who want to raise Brody to love reading — not just for school but for fun as well. When he began emergency homeschooling in the spring of 2020 and then continued in a virtual classroom that fall, they knew Brody wouldn’t be able to improve his reading skills without help. They wanted to set him up for success in 3rd grade, which can be a challenging year for many students.

So they turned to LearningRx for help.

Through Working With His LearningRx Trainer, Brody Grew In Skill and Confidence

Brody was reluctant at the beginning of his training program because he didn’t see immediate improvements in some of his drills and was certain he would fail procedures. But he persevered and has since become a fluent reader!

At one point as he was progressing, Brody’s mom was brought to tears when she found him reading out loud to himself and enjoying it so much that he wanted to stay up late reading. When he began working with LearningRx, his mom didn’t know how long it would take for Brody to learn to read and wondered if he would ever develop a joy for reading. Now, he is reading on his own for fun.

Brody’s trainer, Hika, says of him beginning to read independently:

“This was the same kid who would be frustrated about reading one sentence of instructions on visual thinking cards! His newfound joy and freedom in reading have not slowed. And it has given him the confidence to push through every other challenging procedure he faces. Brody Hawkins is a great example of the impact that brain training has on a student who refuses to keep letting his struggles keep him from striving and achieving. I used the word ‘joy’ earlier to describe Brody’s new love of reading, but it is also a joy to be his trainer. To watch his joy at doing hard things and knowing that not only has he done his best, but his best is getting better.”

The Result: A Lifelong Reader and a Happy Mom

Brody’s mom hopes he will continue growing with the momentum he has built with LearningRx, both in regards to his love of reading as well as learning to take on challenges with confidence. She says:

“LearningRx is a life saver. It's not like tutoring where you’re just learning what you need to know in that moment. For him, I drill it down to one word, and it’s ‘confidence’. That was something he was lacking entirely. To have a program that can take him from fighting off all the work he needs to do and not wanting to read anything to him saying ‘I don’t need you to read that, I can read that.’ It creates this chain reaction and I look forward to seeing what it does. I’m so happy that my competitive, amazing, smart little kid feels confident that he is a smart little kid.”

Could Brain Training Be Right For Your Child?

Brody’s story is just one example of the ways LearningRx’s programs can benefit the lives of students and their families. We could tell you many more stories of children who came to us with learning difficulties and experienced marked improvement through our brain training programs.

Could your child benefit from brain training? Contact us to learn more about how our programs can help meet your child’s needs. We look forward to sharing their LearningRx success story one day!