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What We Do at LearningRx Appleton

What We Do at LearningRx Appleton

At LearningRx we do amazing things for kids (adults and seniors) who struggle with learning and reading. We do NOT do tutoring, which is simply re-teaching what children should have learned in school. We understand that people who struggle do so for a reason. Most of the time that reason is a weakness in one or more of the cognitive skills necessary for easy, efficient learning.

At LearningRx we first test to identify exactly which skills are weak, forcing the child to work harder than his peers, then train those skills making them stronger and thus learning and reading easier.

Some things we examine:

  • long-term, short-term and working memory
  • auditory and visual processing
  • logic & reasoning
  • processing speed

If a student is deficient in any of these skills, they will always have to work harder than their peers to get the same amount of work done. Once weaknesses are identified, these skills are trained so that the student’s core ability to learn is improved.

There are two parts to learning:

  • The first is academic instruction provided by teachers.
  • The second part is how a student takes in, uses and processes this instruction.

When both of these pieces are in place and working well, learning is easy and efficient. LearningRx training is a perfect compliment to the instruction your child is receiving in school. Creating the best possible learners combined with the best instruction is a recipe for success.

Students who would benefit from Cognitive Brain Training provided by LearningRx include:

  • Kids who are struggling with learning, reading and/or homework
  • Kids with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADD, or ADHD
  • Kids who take more time or who have to work harder than average on homework
  • Kids who get good grades but who work harder than their peers to achieve those grades
  • Bright students who don’t seem to be working to their potential
  • Excellent students who would like to be the best they can be

Benefits to families include:

  • Individual one-on-one consultation with families to discuss test results, learning concerns, goals and recommendations for training
  • Easier, more efficient learning for students resulting in more confidence, more academic success, improved grades, more independence with homework, better reading, improved attention, improved family time and so much more.

Brain plasticity is amazing and exciting. At LearningRx we are taking what the brain is naturally equipped to do and helping it along. Targeting weak skills and intensely training them so that they are no longer weaknesses and no longer holding a child back from being what they could potentially be.

In addition, the effects of cognitive training are long-lasting. Once training is completed improved skills stay with the student improving academic and vocational opportunities for a lifetime. In this competitive world, education is the key to opportunity.

Dr. Jedlicka is an audiologist, master brain trainer and director of LearningRx of the Fox Valley. Contact her directly with questions about learning and the brain by phone at (920) 267-4551 or by email.