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Do You Know A Student Who Needs LearningRx?

Do You Know A Student Who Needs LearningRx?

Tips for talking to parents about cognitive skills training

Is LearningRx like tutoring?

No.  LearningRx does not address specific academic subjects, like math or reading.  Instead, LearningRx is able to identify any weak underlying learning skills – called cognitive skills – such as memory, attention, processing speed, visual processing, auditory processing, logic & reasoning, and so on. Using targeted, one-on-one training specific to your child’s needs, LearningRx is able to strengthen those skills so that ALL learning comes easier and faster.  In short, tutoring is a short-term fix to review or reteach information. Cognitive skills training at LearningRx is a long-term, permanent SOLUTION to your child’s learning problem.

Why do you think my child needs cognitive skills training?

It is estimated that more than 80% of learning issues stem from weak cognitive skills. Weak cognitive skills force a child to work harder than his or her peers to learn and process the same information. In class, your student works hard to learn.  However, they’re just not “getting it.” Think of it like a car with one flat tire. The other three tires (cognitive skills) may work perfectly well, but one flat tire (one weak cognitive skill) will keep them from getting where they need to go. To determine your child’s cognitive skills at home, take our brief survey.

What are cognitive skills and why do they make a difference in the classroom?

Cognitive skills are those basic skills that need to be in place to make learning and reading easy and efficient. For instance:

  • Long-term memory affects your students’ ability to recall learned information to solve a problem.
  • Working memory impacts your students’ ability to grasp and hold information long enough to use it.  For instance, can they remember directions long enough to complete the steps, etc.?
  • Auditory processing is the key skill required to become a good reader, allowing your students to distinguish sounds, pull words apart, and put them back together.
  • Visual processing allows your student to picture stories to maximize reading comprehension and help solve math word problems.
  • Processing speed helps your student deal with information quickly.
  • Logic & Reasoning makes it possible for your student to create a plan to solve a problem and complete the steps in order.

I’ve tried other programs and got little results and wasted money. Why should I choose LearningRX?

LearningRx is literally #1 nationwide in results. The LearningRx program is the outgrowth of 30 years of research and clinical trials. As of January 2007, more than 15,000 students have gone through the program. The latest nationwide research results show the difference:  

LearningRx averages twice the results in less than half the time of tutoring or academic reading programs.

Results are so consistent that they can actually guarantee gains!  (We guarantee gains of at least two years in basic cognitive skills and at least three years in a reading skill.)

Are you sure my student won’t just outgrow these issues eventually?

If weak cognitive skills are the problem, your student’s issue won’t go away without intervention through cognitive skills training.  Simple testing at LearningRx can tell you whether cognitive skills are an issue for your student.  The good news is that children respond quickly to this type of training.  You will likely notice dramatic improvements in your student in 6-12 weeks, meaning we can make a major difference already THIS SCHOOL YEAR.

Dr. Jedlicka is an audiologist, master brain trainer and director of LearningRx of the Fox Valley. Contact her directly with questions about learning and the brain by phone at (920) 267-4551 or by email.