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Our Team

  • Terrie Tutten
    Terrie Tutten Brain Trainer

    Click here to watch my trainer video!

    • From Atlanta, GA
    • Undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education
    • Future Goal: To stay fit and physically flexible into my 90’s so I can run around with my 3 grandchildren under the age of 3!
      • “I love LearningRx because it builds self-confidence, improves life and family!”

  • Beth Ardell & Susie McDaniel
    Beth Ardell & Susie McDaniel Owner & Director

    Welcome! We are so glad you are visiting our website. We are Susie McDaniel & Beth Ardell, the Owners and Directors of the Atlanta & Alpharetta LearningRx Brain Training Centers. Susie earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and Beth her Masters in Physical Therapy, both from Emory University here in Atlanta. We became passionate about cognitive training while researching solutions for our own children to overcome the roadblocks keeping them from their highest potential. Together with our staff, we are ready and able to help you with your needs. We’d love to have you drop by one of our training centers!