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Our Team

  • Beth Ardell & Susie McDaniel
    Beth Ardell & Susie McDaniel Owner & Director

  • Austin Khajeh
    Austin Khajeh Director of First Impressions

    Director of First Impressions and Trainer Austin Khajeh is from Roswell, Georgia. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Kennesaw State University. He is currently working towards a Masters Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Georgia. Austin is a Certified Cognitive Coach through the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Educations Standards. He hopes to excel in his Master’s program and work towards bigger and greater opportunities. Austin says, "I love working at LearningRx, because I have the opportunity to actively assist my students in strengthening their brain and achieving new goals!"

  • Chel Robinson
    Chel Robinson Brain Trainer

    Certified trainer, My Chel Robinson, is from Mansura, LA. She received a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology from Oglethorpe University. She is currently working on a degree in Nursing from Mercer University. Her ultimate goal is to pursue a Nurse Practitioner license in Neuropsychiatry. Chel says she “loves LearningRX because of the excitement students have during a one-on-one session.” She says, “it is rewarding to see the positive growth each student has no matter what age!”

  • Sherri Burrell
    Sherri Burrell Brain Trainer

  • Davisha Daryani
    Davisha Daryani Brain Trainer

  • Clark Demas
    Clark Demas Brain Trainer

  • Corey Gray
    Corey Gray Brain Trainer

  • Carrie Kolkebeck
    Carrie Kolkebeck Brain Trainer

  • Shannon Reynolds
    Shannon Reynolds Brain Trainer

  • Hika Anani
    Hika Anani Brain Trainer

  • Michael Atunzu
    Michael Atunzu Brain Trainer

  • Zoe Colier
    Zoe Colier Brain Trainer

    Certified Trainer, Zoe Colier, is from Marietta, Georgia. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Biology from the University of North Georgia. She hopes to attend graduate school for research or counseling, and dreams of seeing the world while pursuing meaningful work. Zoe says, "LearningRx has not only given me the greatest opportunity to change lives while doing something I love, but has also provided the most positive work environment I have ever been a part of!"

  • Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Brain Trainer

  • Luke Formichella
    Luke Formichella Brain Trainer

    "Luke Formichella is originally from Massachusetts and currently resides in Buckhead/Atlanta, GA. Luke received his Bachelor's of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Syracuse University. He has a passion for combining his technical background with the education of others, and he has spent his years since graduation working in the medical device industry, educating surgeons and hospital staff on cutting-edge technologies. Luke also privately tutors high school and undergraduate students in many math and science courses; it was through his tutoring he stumbled upon LearningRx, and he has loved it ever since. 'I love training at LearningRx because it allows me to have a tangible, positive impact on the lives of my students. It is so rare to find work that is as undeniably meaningful as my work at LearningRx. I like to view training my students as an opportunity to help a former version of myself, providing them with confidence in the classroom and beyond!'"

  • Raina Hoover
    Raina Hoover Brain Trainer

    Certified Trainer, Raina Hoover, currently lives in Woodstock, Georgia. She will receive her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Kennesaw State University in December 2021 and then hopes to work toward a graduate degree at Mercer University. Her overarching goal is to pursue meaningful work and create positive life experiences every day. Raina says her favorite thing about LearningRx is the “positive work environment and the opportunity to be part of any moment in which a student realizes they can achieve something they didn’t believe they could. I’m so thankful to be part of a team of trainers who are passionate about helping others grow into better versions of themselves!”