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Serena's Story

Serena's Story

Serena struggled with reading all through elementary school.She was put in Special reading classes and spent years working with a Speech therapist on her cognitive skills. By the time she got to middle school: Her self-confidence was shot, she felt that she couldn’t learn, she thought she was dumb and stupid, and there wasn’t anything that anybody could do about it. She was very negative about herself, calling herself names, blaming every mistake she made on account of being stupid

One day right before the start of 6th grade she went to the eye doctor. The technician put glasses on her. She told Serena to read the card on the table to see if she could see better. Serena totally checked out. She froze and stared out the window refusing to acknowledge anything around her, just shutdown. I realized then that she needed more help that what the school could give her. I looked at several places. I knew that traditional tutoring was not going to work with her. She had spent several years in special classes and working with a speech therapist with not much improvement.

When Serena Met LearningRx

One day Serena's cousin came to me and told me about his experience with LearningRx and highly recommended them. To hear him talk about the experience and the impact it had had on him was powerful. I had looked at Learning Rx already and was familiar with them, but with his recommendation I decided to make an appointment for an assessment. Serena was very nervous when she started the program. She was afraid to make mistakes. The trainer spent the first few weeks teaching her that it was okay to make mistakes, “that is how we learn.” The first few months were hard and there were some tears. But they wouldn’t let her give up. Serena and Family

With the encouragement from her trainers it got better. Her self-confidence grew, the negative talk lessened and before we knew it she looked forward to training days. Then one day she started reading… everything: billboards, road signs, labels at the grocery story and even stories to her younger sister!

Now I rarely hear her talk negatively about herself. She says things are hard, but not that she can’t do something because she is dumb or stupid. When she struggles with a word she asks for help or ask for the meaning. If she makes a mistake she says, “Oh well, at least I tried.” There has been such a drastic change in her, in such a short period of time. She smiles and laughs more and is so much more confident about herself. – Angeline

In Serena's Words

From Serena:

  • I struggled with reading and I didn't want to read in front to people.
  • I was embarrassed to be in the 6th grade and not reading.
  • My goal was to be a better reader. I was worried that I couldn't learn how to read. I thought I was dumb and stupid.
  • My hopes and dreams are to be a famous Audio book reader. I wanted to work in a pet shelter because animals don't care if you can't read.
  • The trainers feel like friends, they care about me getting better.
  • LearningRx should never stop because there are a lot of students who need help

Find your own success story with LearningRx

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