Woodbury Brain Training

Woodbury Brain Training
Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Woodbury LearningRx Brain Training Center page. My name is Brock Heinrich, and I am the Director here at the Woodbury LearningRx Center. I would like to invite you to visit our Woodbury LearningRx Brain Training Center at 8425 Seasons Parkway, Suite 101 here in Woodbury, Minnesota. You are also welcome to call me at (651) 262-5900.

When you visit our Woodbury LearningRx Brain Training Center, you will have an opportunity to watch the testing and unique training methods that we use to help people of all ages overcome learning difficulties and achieve a faster, smarter brain. We help a wide variety of people unlock their potential, including struggling students, traumatic brain injury victims, career adults looking for a competitive edge, and seniors with a desire to stay mentally sharp. I encourage you to stop by our center, call, or email us at woodbury.mn@learningrx.net.

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