Short Term Memory Training

Short Term Memory Training
Short Term Memory Training

Short term memory training refers to the improvement of the cognitive skill "working memory", which is responsible for holding a small amount of information in the mind in a ready, active, available state for a short period of time. While a person is carrying out various learning tasks, this "held" information is used, or eventually sorted into long-term memory, the brain's "knowledge bank", so that it will be available for later reference.

Short Term Memory Training: Developing a Key Memory Skill
Short term memory training focuses in part on working memory skills. The working memory is a very important cognitive skill that helps us do many things in our daily lives. Remembering directions or a phone number, a person's face or name, a short list of groceries, or even where you are going while running errands are all things that are taken care of by the short term memory. In school, taking notes becomes virtually impossible if working memory is not functioning correctly. This is because short term memory is the brain's ability to hold information in the working memory. Some people are unable to hold information in their working memory, or if they are able, they can only hold a small amount of information. This means that the cognitive skill "working memory" is weak and needs to be strengthened. Short term memory training can really help. How do you know if your child is struggling with short term memory problems? A good, real-world example of a poor working memory is a child who needs to look up at the blackboard repeatedly while copying a paragraph. If they look up for every single word (or several times for each word) there is a good chance their working memory is weak, and they could benefit from short term memory training.

Short Term Memory Training: How Brain Training Helps
There really is no better way to do short term memory training than one-on-one brain training at a brain training center like LearningRx. Unlike tutoring programs or IEPs, brain training gets right to the source of the problems students face by treating cognitive skill weaknesses. When cognitive skills are weak, no amount of additional knowledge or tutoring help will fix the problem. Unlike tutoring, brain training strengthens cognitive skills and makes them work correctly, so that learning (and remembering) gets easier. Our cognitive skills assessment test is the first step towards improvement. Call a LearningRx center today to schedule an assessment, or visit our website.

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