Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies
 — Return to the Roots

Reading Strategies — The Mainstream Issues
Reading strategies in America don’t seem to be working. In 2005, a major study by the U.S. Department of Education uncovered that over two-thirds of our children are reading below grade level. The study also revealed that poor readers in the early grades are very likely to remain poor readers through high school. Thus, mainstream reading strategies don’t appear effective for the general student population or as a corrective tool for struggling readers.

Reading Strategies — The Targeted Weaknesses
At LearningRx, we understand why traditional reading strategies don’t work for most kids. Based on nearly two decades of research and testing, we know that underlying cognitive (mental) skills such as auditory processing, visual processing, attention, logic and reasoning, word attack, memory, and comprehension, are the indispensable foundations for reading success. Numerous studies in the last 20 years confirm that over 88% of struggling readers in the U.S. have weak cognitive skills in one or more of these core areas.

Therefore, if we want to effectively tackle our nation’s reading problem, we must focus on reading strategies that identify and strengthen weak cognitive skills first. Only after these foundational skills are isolated, targeted, and strengthened can a struggling reader truly succeed.

Reading Strategies — Brain Training That Works
The popular reading strategies look forward. They take students “where they’re at” and apply a program of lessons, instruction, and tutoring. At LearningRx, we start by taking a step backwards to assess a child’s foundational tools for learning. Based on the last two decades of research, the logical first step for effective reading strategies is a comprehensive assessment of underlying cognitive abilities. Only after a child’s weak cognitive skills are identified, can they be targeted for strengthening. Without a strong cognitive foundation, all the reading lessons, instruction, and tutoring in the world will ultimately fail.

At LearningRx, our reading strategy begins with a complete cognitive assessment. After we conduct a fun and comprehensive analysis of your child’s learning toolbox, we’re able to sit down with you and address the entire learning landscape. Then, we can structure a powerful, one-on-one “brain training” program that specifically addresses your child’s cognitive weaknesses. Thousands of students have experienced dramatic reading improvement through this LearningRx approach. As a direct result of cognitive skills assessment and cognitive skills training, we have helped our students achieve average reading gains of 4.6 years in 24 weeks or less!

Reading Strategies — Treating the Struggles at the Roots
If your student struggles with reading and the mainstream reading strategies only seem to frustrate matters, we urge you to contact a LearningRx Center right away. Ask to learn more about our revolutionary approach to learning. Better yet, schedule a no-obligation cognitive skills assessment to fully understand the root causes of your child’s learning or reading struggle.

Yes, there’s a dramatic alternative to the traditional reading strategies you’ve endured with your child for years. Give us a call and let us share our learning philosophy and tremendous results!

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