Reading Help For Adults

Reading Help For Adults

Reading Help For Adults
Reading help for adults is available. Children who don’t get help with their reading problems are poor readers as adults. Reading comprehension problems are commonly associated with the academic struggles of children and adolescents. However, thousands of adults struggle daily to complete college studies or to support themselves and their families while dealing with comprehension difficulties. Adults can have comprehension problems that range from mild to severe. Difficulty with comprehension interferes with keeping up professionally. It limits how much an individual can understand and remember from company training sessions, workshops and seminars. Adults with comprehension problems struggle to understand and remember oral directions, memos, policies and procedures. For these people, instructions or directions to complete complex projects or assignments can be extremely difficult to grasp.

Reading help for adults: Action
There is effective reading help for adults that can help them overcome lifelong struggles. Adults who struggle with literacy are often despondent and discouraged. They want instruction on an adult level, but they need to learn many of the basic reading strategies and phonetic patterns they missed when they were children. But there are techniques and ways to help adults become better readers. It starts with basic levels of understanding to ensure the success of low-level readers. Adults should work at a level that fits their style. There are numerous resources at libraries, online or private institutions that offer reading programs to help adults. Family members and friends can help by being supportive and encouraging. Reading sessions need to be structured so that they are not threatening, and the activities should be meaningful. Text should be meaningful, and even insightful. The adult should be excited to read, just as a young child is excited to delve into the complexities of a story. For adults who are low level readers, they may need to get a basic understanding of phonemic awareness.

Reading help for adults: Remediation
People who learned to read early and easily can’t imagine what life would be like without being able to read and write. Adult non-readers may have someone else complete job applications and write letters for them. They limit their opportunities by avoiding situations that would reveal their problem, and sometimes pretend they can read to avoid embarrassment. Differences in the way they process information, poor teaching, or other unusual circumstances, have prevented these adults from learning to read. They are often embarrassed by their inability to read, and sometimes hide their disability by having a trusted friend or relative read for them. But there is hope. At LearningRx, we have proven methods that can help people at any stage in life become better, more complete readers. Call a LearningRx Center near you or check us out at

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