Reading Comprehension Exercises

Reading Comprehension Exercises
Reading Comprehension Exercises

Reading Comprehension Exercises: More Than Meets the Eye
Reading comprehension exercises use activities that represent an active stance children must assume in order to become effective learners and readers. There are many aspects to reading comprehension including visualization, synthesizing information, making inferences, and creating connections. These types of strategies work the core mental skills, or "cognitive skills", effective for reading success and help the student to be able to understand what is being read.

Reading Comprehension Exercises: Five Core Exercises
Reading comprehension exercises use a variety of different approaches to ultimately help a child understand the text easily and quickly. Here are five exercises that help work the different approaches.
  1. Prediction: Have them consider the previous part of the text to try and come up with what they think will happen next.
  2. Main point: What was the author trying to get across? The movement of the plot is the authors way of creating a moral to the story. What does that mean?
  3. Perspective: Try to look at a part of the story through the eyes of a different character and see how that would change the situation.
  4. Compare: Find out what other stories are similar to the one being read. What aspects of the two stories make them the same, and what makes them different?
  5. Visualize: After a descriptive sentence or paragraph, have them visually come up with an image in their mind and have them explain it.

Reading Comprehension Exercises: A Crucial Component
Comprehension exercises are a crucial component to a child's success. At LearningRx, we increase children's reading comprehension along with the other cognitive skills. We give an assessment to see what areas your child has difficulties in so that we can pinpoint the problematic areas that need training. Fun, engaging, challenging, and powerful training follows to strengthen the weak areas that were found. The result is a child who's finally tapped into their true potential with much more confidence. To find out more information about how LearningRx can help your child, contact a local center near you.

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