LearningRx Programs

LearningRx Programs

LearningRx Programs

LearningRx Programs – Reasons for Success
There’s one simple reason why LearningRx programs succeed where tutoring and other educational programs fail. LearningRx programs specifically and effectively target the causes of learning and reading struggles — rather than treating only symptoms. All learning and reading success is dependent on the strength of a person’s underlying cognitive skills. Some examples of cognitive skills are:

  • Auditory processing
  • Visual processing
  • Memory
  • Processing speed
  • Attention
  • Logic and reasoning

These skills, guided by the brain’s executive decision-making center, are what make up a person’s learning ability. If even one weak cognitive skill is holding a student back, tutoring and IEPs will prove ineffective. LearningRx programs have proven that better learning for a lifetime comes only through stronger skills.

LearningRx Programs – Your First Step
LearningRx programs are powerful and effective for training and strengthening weak cognitive skills. Because training is most effective when focused on specific skill weaknesses, a professional cognitive skills assessment is an essential first step for anyone facing learning challenges or questions. These tests used to be too expensive for most families, but LearningRx has been able to offer testing at a much lower price, so that anyone can get the answers they need, no matter their budget. The test will reveal your child’s exact Cognitive Skills Profile. Once the profile reveals potential problem areas due to cognitive weaknesses, those areas can be targeted with the appropriate LearningRx programs.

Go to www.learningrx.com/find to contact your local center and find out how affordable professional skills testing can be.

LearningRx Programs – Options for Every Student
Once your student’s abilities and weaknesses are known, LearningRx programs can be tailored to meet his or her specific skills training needs. LearningRx offers 4 core training options that can be customized and combined to cover a wide variety of training needs.

ThinkRx is LearningRx’s foundational set of training procedures. It can be used alone, or in combination with other programs, but it is the basis of all our programs. This program trains and strengthens each of the key cognitive skills, and is based around our unique one-on-one training techniques. Students meet with a personal trainer to work through each step of the program. Using immediate feedback, incremental increases in difficulty, and a process called “loading”, the trainer creates an environment that produces rapid change, skyrocketing self-esteem, and techniques for success that will affect the student’s entire life.

Neither private tutoring, nor other similar school-provided individualized education programs can produce the kind of results we see with ThinkRx. Learn More about ThinkRx

ReadRx is the “reading enhancement” part of the LearningRx programs set. It was created to address a student’s reading struggles at the core, and provide solutions to difficulties that involve learning to read, reading fluency, and dyslexia. ReadRx builds on the strong base of ThinkRx, adding highly focused auditory processing and word attack training procedures. A student’s foundational ability to discriminate, segment, and blend sounds is the foundation for fluent reading and good comprehension. ReadRx can literally transform a student’s ability to read. Many parents tell us that their child enjoys reading for the first time after the ReadRx program. Whether a student is struggling to read, learning to read, or even if English is a second language, ReadRx can make learning to read fun, easy and automatic. Learn More about ReadRx

MathRx – LearningRx programs are designed to improve specific problem areas with focused skills training, and MathRx is the program that targets the underlying skills necessary for success in all subjects that use mathematical concepts, reasoning and higher-level thinking skills. Because it builds necessary skills rather than focusing on individual math problems, the strengths gained through training apply across all math-related subjects. The essential math skills that are strengthened through training include numeric fluency, computation skills, visual processing, memory, and logic and reasoning. In addition, students’ working memory, problem solving abilities and executive functioning skills are pushed to higher and higher levels.
Learn More about MathRx

LiftOff is geared towards ensuring academic readiness in students from pre-school through first grade. LiftOff training is designed especially for those young students preparing for, or just entering, elementary school. With a lifetime of learning and reading challenges ahead, young minds need the strongest learning skills possible. And that is just what the LiftOff training program provides — a preliminary strengthening of all the basic cognitive skills. The extraordinary value of LiftOff is not its ability to solve learning problems, but its incredible power to prevent learning problems before they happen, and to elevate students to lifelong success. Learn More about LiftOff

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