2015 Presidents Day Video Contest

2015 Presidents Day Video Contest

2015 Presidents Day Video Contest

We invited folks to submit videos showing off their memory and attention skills and, boy, did we get some great ones! Check out these winning videos submitted by John Mark, Marissa, and Gavin as they recite the names of all the presidents, in order, by memory, despite some pretty extreme distractions!

And the 2015 winner is…

…John Mark, who took first place for reciting the names of the presidents while doing some pretty high flying multitasking! (Hint: Football fans, you’ll love John Mark’s promise at the 12-second mark. We’re still chuckling over that one!)

With second and third places going to…

…Marissa, who marshalled her amazing concentration skills while being both distracted and protected by a pint-sized fan.

…and Gavin, who could definitely take his Presidential Concerto on the road. Look for tour dates in your city soon.

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