2014 Presidents Day Video Contest

2014 Presidents Day Video Contest

2014 Presidents Day Video Contest

Ready, set, go! Can you recite the names of all the presidents, in order, by memory, while doing some kind of crazy, humorous or distracting activity at the same time?

These contestants sure could.

We invited folks to submit videos showing off their memory and attention skills as they recited the names of all 44 presidents. With 60 wild and crazy entries in the LearningRx 2014 Presidents Day Contest, narrowing the field to 10 finalists wasn’t easy, and neither was selecting the winning video and runners-up.

And the 2014 winner is…

…Bryson DeVries from Louisville, who took first place with his ball-bouncing, unicycle-riding, missile-dodging rendition of the forty-four Presidents.

With second and third places going to…

…Brevin McCormick, also from Louisville for his death-defying, high-flying performance. Brevin, who won second place, recited the names of the Presidents from—of all places—a trampoline.

…and Luke Blanc from Chester won third place for reciting the presidents, on beat, while tossing and catching two—that’s right, he said two—hacky sacks.

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