Online Brain Training

Online Brain Training

Online Brain Training
The internet is famous for making almost anything instantly available - and this includes online brain training. While the idea of getting something fast or free is always appealing, the decision to use online brain training to help yourself or a struggling student must be approached carefully. You can waste time, money, and energy if you jump into it without the right knowledge and plan. This article will give you a few points to ponder as you decide whether or how to proceed with online brain training.

Online Brain Training: Is it the right choice?
There are three main decisions you'll want to make. First, you need to decide whether or not you (or your family member) actually needs brain training. Second, you'll want to determine, based on your (or your family member's) needs, whether online brain training will work for you or whether another type of brain training is a better choice. Third, it will be important to decide which online brain training program will work best for you or your family.

The first decision you'll make is whether or not you or your family member needs online brain training. This can be based on what you observe as you watch yourself or your child perform in school or at work. Everyone has bad days and certain subjects that are difficult to master. But if you notice a pervasive, subject-wide inability to learn that seems to be consistent over time, online brain training might be called for. Struggles that are characterized by slowness of thought, difficulty remembering things, poor ability to read, or if paying attention seems entirely impossible, you may have a cognitive skills deficiency. There are many other symptoms and disorders that play into learning disabilities (and brain training can address most of them) but the aforementioned are the most commonly reported symptoms. They are also the most indicative of a cognitive skills weakness. Observations are only part of the equation. The only definitive way to know if you have a cognitive skills weakness is to take a cognitive skills assessment at a brain training center like LearningRx. Online brain training programs often leave out this very important step.

Online Brain Training: The best fit
If you have taken a skills assessment, and determined that you or your family member do indeed need brain training, the next question you must answer is whether online brain training is best, or whether a different type of program will be a better fit. Again, the best way to determine the severity of the weakness is by taking a certified cognitive skills test, which online brain training programs do not offer. If the cognitive skills test reports a moderate to severe weakness, it is advisable that a person goes to a brain training center to get help from a personal brain trainer. Relying solely on online brain training programs when there is a moderate to severe weakness will most likely result in frustration on the part of the student. On the other hand, a personal brain trainer will be able to motivate, challenge, and guide a student through a personalized program that will help them reach their goals. In these cases, online brain training can often supplement in-center training to achieve maximum benefits.

Online Brain Training: A suggestion
If you do decide that online brain training is the way to go for you or your family, we recommend an affordable product called BrainSkills. It is based on excellent cognitive research and is used in various forms by LearningRx centers as a supplement to our regular, one-on-one training programs. It can be found here. We believe that the best option for anyone who wants to train their brain is a personalized program, in a center, with a personal brain trainer. But when it comes to online brain training, we like BrainSkills best. Please visit our website if you would like to learn more about LearningRx brain training or click here to find a center near you.

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