Memory Brain Training

Memory Brain Training
Memory Brain Training

Lots of people have trouble with their memory. Brain training can help build memory skills and abilities. Because memory problems are usually based in the degeneration or inherent weakness of the cognitive skills, professional cognitive skills training is naturally a great way to improve memory. One-on-one, intensive brain training is based on good science, and has been proven to produce incredible improvements in students and adults with many different learning problems, including ADHD, dyslexia, and even some forms of PDD (Autism and Asperger's). If you're struggling with a poor memory, brain training may be a good choice for you.

Memory brain training: Gone in 60 Seconds
One common problem people experience, especially as we age, is the loss of short term memory. Brain training can help to slow this deterioration. The cognitive skills related to memory regulate long-term memory and short term memory, but most people find that brain training improves short term memory specifically. Loss of short term memory can be very frustrating both for the people who have it, and for the people they talk to. It's a delicate moment when a parent, or an elderly person at church or at work, tells you a story they've already told you before. Should you be honest and tell them they've already told you? Or should you simply smile and enjoy the anecdote again? You don't want to deceive them, but neither do you want to hurt their feelings. It's not easy. That's why any and every attempt at memory brain training is not just convenient, it also has the potential to ease strained relationships and increase confidence and quality of life.

Memory brain training: How LearningRx Can Help
LearningRx specializes in programs that improve the memory. Brain training focuses on the cognitive skills, so a memory brain training program naturally starts with cognitive skills enhancement. The cognitive skills are what make up a person's intelligence—including memory skills—and they can be trained and strengthened using specific techniques. LearningRx brain training centers can help a person with short term memory loss regain some of what they've lost, whether due to the progression of age, or due to a head injury or TBI. We even train kids who have trouble remembering things they've learned in school. Brain training is very versatile! For more information about what we do, and about our programs, please visit our LearningRx brain training website.

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