Left Brain Exercise

Left Brain Exercise
Left Brain Exercise

Ever wondered how to do a left brain exercise that will strengthen the things the left brain is good at? When doing brain training, both hemispheres are improved and affected in various ways. If you are looking for a left brain exercise, you probably expect it to improve your logic & reasoning skills or your ability to think sequentially or do math. If you want to improve your right brain (so it becomes more creative or more "big picture" in your thinking) you'd want to do right brain exercises.

While it is not common to localize learning or brain training to one hemisphere or the other, if you complete a high-quality cognitive skills training program, both sides of your brain will be improved. One-on-one brain training takes a holistic approach, working on the way the cognitive skills affect the brain's function and the ease with which it learns. Instead of teaching specific facts or figures or concentrating on one subject or another, cognitive skills training strengthens skills like memory, attention, logic & reasoning, and auditory processing. Improving these skills allow the brain to operate smoothly and quickly, carrying out its tasks more easily and having the ability to make good decisions. Cognitive skills are necessary for both the right and left brains to perform. The stronger your cognitive skills, the better your brain functions — both the right and left sides.

Left brain exercise: How brain training helps the left brain
Lots of people favor the left brain. Exercises that affect the entire brain will improve both hemispheres equally. What sorts of left-brained things can be improved by cognitive skills training? Left-brained people tend to think logically, from the parts to the whole, and are able to put things together sequentially. They are the details people. Cognitive skills training improves memory — which is crucial to left-brained people, who often like to function and learn using facts and figures. A left-brainer may have a job that requires excellent processing skills, quick thinking and a great memory. All of these things can be strengthened or simply enhanced (if they're already strong) by cognitive skills training.

The corpus collosum is the part of your brain that connects the hemispheres. There is evidence that the two hemispheres "help" one another with various tasks. It stands to reason that training the whole brain will strengthen the right brain as well as the left, and will add to the thinker's depth of capacity. Sometimes, left-brained activities can be greatly enhanced by a right-brained perspective.

Left brain exercise: LearningRx
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