LearningRx Reviews

LearningRx Reviews

LearningRx Reviews — Testimonials
LearningRx reviews are posted as they are received from parents whose children have completed LearningRx training.

Angelina D.
Son, Age: 16

Dillon is able to get through his schoolwork with far less frustration and is more positive about his abilities. His grades have stayed consistent and have not taken a dive. His drive is much more positive and he seems to have more energy.

We recommend this program to people of all ages. It helps you cope with the stress of schoolwork, and therefore you can deal with the stresses life has to give you.

Dana H.
Son, Age: 7

Justin has improved greatly in his ability to understand new concepts. Before training, almost everything was frustrating for him to learn. He grasps things much faster now. Justin’s reading has also improved. He is able to tackle most words by using the skills he learned in ReadRx. He is now reading above grade level, according to his reading teacher at school.

Thomas E.
Daughter, Age: 11

My daughter went from C’s & D’s on her spelling tests to A’s & B’s on almost every single test. Also she reads much quicker and understands more of what she reads. Angela’s confidence level has gone up a lot. All of my daughter’s grades have gone up. Also, it does not take her as long to do her homework.

I would recommend this program to anyone whose child is struggling. My only fear is that she will forget what she has learned.

Kristie was a wonderful trainer. She and Angela seemed to enjoy working with each other. That helps a student learn much better when they like their teacher.

Laurie R.
Son, Age: 8

The different approaches to study/memorization techniques were all helpful tools. James & I thoroughly enjoyed learning the presidents. The visual pictures for the different spelling codes are a great help. The timed drills helped speed up his processing and decreased the time he needed to sort different pieces of data.

James has been given some wonderful tools to work with in his future studies.

LearningRx Reviews — Skill Improvement
Susan S.
Son, Age: 8

Attention/Focus/Concentration have all had significant improvements. He completes all tasks in the classroom independently (from teacher) and recognizes right and left. We have seen a great improvement in writing legibility and better letter formation. He is able to stay on task and we have seen a great improvement in reading skills. We can see great improvement in visual tracking/perceptual skills and in memory.

Also there has been significant improvement in reading comprehension and retention. He is able to complete ThinkRx homework without complaint.

Lana F.
Son, Age: 10

Jacob’s concentration has improved. He can comprehend what he is reading and his fluency has improved as well. He doesn’t get distracted as easily and can stay on task. Through this, his self-esteem has been boosted. It is wonderful to see him smile when he brings good grades home, because HE CAN!!

His trainer has been a blessing. She is very concerned and helpful. Jacob rarely bonds with others but has enjoyed her. That is a huge accomplishment!!!

Thank you! Mr. & Mrs. W.
Son, Age: 7

We are so thankful to have found a program that gave such good results right away. Jamie had such a bad habit of chewing on his sleeves. A week after he started the program, he stopped. A month later, we noticed how he started focusing and being more responsible with his schoolwork as well as his duties at home. Later, friends started noticing how calm he was getting, and his teacher told us how much his decoding had improved.

I truly recommend this program to anybody. I also thank Dana; she is a very good trainer and is very motivated in any skill that she taught to my son.

Thanks once again.

LearningRx Reviews — Confidence Gained
Monika F.
Son, Age: 11

The LearningRx programs have given Tory more confidence in reading. He was able to see and experience his progress as he went through the program. He is picking up books to read without being prodded by adults. Spelling and word attack have improved a lot, despite his dyslexia. ThinkRx and ReadRx have given him the effective tools to continue practicing his reading and get better at it. This training is a good tool/process to acquire for people who have learning disabilities.

Victoria D.
Son, Age: 12

LearningRx has been a godsend for our child. We feel like the 18-week program was an excellent “jump-start,” getting him to think and process more quickly and more accurately.

We really didn’t need a Post-Test to tell us what we already knew was happening. He definitely was showing increased ability and enthusiasm for academic work very early in the program. We have been delighted with his progress and will keep on working to increase areas of weakness.

Bridget is an exceptional trainer. She is very tuned in to making this successful!!

Mary C.
Daughter, Age: 6

Joelle went from not knowing her letters in January to reading simple books (2-5 letter words) on her own in May. She is much more confident and able to speak her mind appropriately in school and at home. She is more comfortable with her peers and able to interact socially far better than she could previously. She enjoys activities (games and the like) that used to be too frustrating for her to attempt.

Lynn P.
Son, Age: 12

We home school because the public school system couldn’t help my son to learn. He truly believed he was stupid. It seemed that no matter what we did at home he couldn’t get over his mindset that his ability was poor.

ThinkRx & the reading program changed all that. He knows he can do it. He knows that he is smart.

His trainer was wonderful. Always positive and she truly believed in his ability. My son is not sure he is happy that he is finished with ThinkRx. What a turn around from the kid who thought he was stupid.

*Because of the sensitive and sometimes negative nature of the issues they overcame, certain names have been changed or omitted to protect the privacy and preserve self-esteem of the children.

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